Relax and reap the benefits from a ionic detox session. The Ionic detox is reinvented Chinese medicine dating back over 2000 years. Please read more on this essential health detox method and the see the results for yourself. 

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Massage therapy offers patients of all ages the benefits of a hands on massage with the additional benefit of heat. The combined effect of heat and massage can have remarkable effects.

MjLife Additional services to include Yoga, Aroma Therapy, Jacuzzi, and Sauna facilities. 
Our State of the art massage chairs look and perform like something out of this world. The 38 point massage system which reclines to the zero gravity position allows the massage system to fully take advantage of the less stresses exerted on the extremities. 
Enjoy the benefits of our portable 02 systems providing the oxygen concentration you desire in various scented flavors. Portability allows you to simultaneously enjoy additional MjO2 services maximizing your well deserved R&R.